Yasutaka Tsuge

Eisai Co., Ltd.
LT Partner Department
Born in 1973. Hyogo Prefecture. Linear / non-linear video production, I learn the plane design school days. Participation in drawing and manual Co., Ltd. established in 1997 after graduation. I touch the expression technique state-of-the-art motion graphics from the early days. Then, up WEB Strategy Office edge of the leading manufacturers, through the start-up of new business projects, and experience the IT media development and other IT specialist advertising agency business, with NTT Resonant in IMJ Corporation, then, it is based in Fukuoka centering on single item mail order business in Co. JIMOS, a leading manufacturer mail-order business start-up, experienced dozens and business support in BtoB consulting, currently in charge of the mail-order business in general in the pharmaceutical company Eisai Co., Ltd..
16:40 - 17:30 [最高のショッピング体験を顧客へ] A-5