Shigeki Yamazaki

Managing Executive Officer
Shigeki Yamazaki joined STRIPE-INTL INC. in 2017, and VP of marketing division. Dentsu in 2012, and as technical director has led the development and design of Dentsu’s data platform. In his current role, he focuses on solution implementations, project proposals, the design of new services and solutions, and promotion of alliances with companies, both foreign and Japanese, in many industries. Before joining Dentsu, Shigeki worked as a system engineer and project manager in the finance industry, and joined Yahoo Japan. He worked on the design and development of financial and affiliated services, oversaw corporate data solution businesses, and helped define data strategies for Yahoo Japan.
12:40 - 13:30 [新規顧客獲得とエンゲージメント両立のためのメディア活用法] A-2