Akihiko Tokuhisa

D.A.Consortium Holdings Inc.
Senior Managing Director
Joining D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC) in 2001, TOK oversees the development of robust and creative technology solutions such as the largest ad server by volume in the Japanese market, "FlexOne®" and "AudienceOne®", DMP that processes more than 1 trillion records. Also, he has a long history of proactively introducing a range of international technologies to Japan.
In 2011, TOK founded Platform One Inc. as a subsidiary of DAC. Having developed “MarketOne®” and “YIELD ONE®”, the first full-scale DSP and SSP platforms in Japan, he is committed to expanding and developing use of RTB in the display advertising market.
Currently serving as CMO of DAC, TOK is on the board of several companies, including DAC’s consolidated subsidiaries and companies DAC invests. He also serves as Senior Managing Director of D.A.Consortium Holdings Inc. which founded in 2016.
TOK is a frequent lecturer and speaker at a number of events and forums and is also author of works such as the "Online Advertising Handbook 2nd revision”.
14:30 - 15:20 [成果をあげる!データドリブンマーケティング最前線。] A-3